Krystal Thornton Photography is a popular high-end wedding photographer based in Michigan.  Focusing on weddings in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Detroit and more.  Destination weddings welcome!  Customized wedding packages for off season weddings, and for elopements.  Wedding packages are based on size of wedding party.  Six times published photographer in ' Ala Mode Child' Magazine, ' Child Couture' magazine, ' Mora Model Magazine', ' Kid Model Magazine'  and twice published in the  'Baby Model Magazine​'  
“Believes in timeliness in delivering your photographs, ​
efficiency  and creativity during your session. While using lifestyle, candid and a dash of documentary to capture your most precious memories to treasure forever!"
​About KTP
Why I started my Photography business:
When I was organizing the memorial for my husband’s grandmother.  We discovered that we really didn’t have very many photographs of this amazing woman.  We gathered all of the photographs in all of the cupboards, boxes and in all of the drawers. 

From that moment on I made a promise to myself to make sure that I was present in photographs even if my hair and make-up wasn’t done.  I want to make sure that I have as many photographs as possible with my family and myself.  

Why Wedding Photography:
I don’t normally disclose this because I love my husband dearly, and I don’t define our marriage by one day.  However, my wedding day did not go as planned.  And without going into too much detail, I didn’t have a voice for MY day.  I thought others had my best interest in mind when helping, and that wasn’t the case.  I cried all day that day and it was NOT happy tears. 

I chose to specialize in wedding photography because I swore I never wanted anyone else to feel the same way I did on one of the most important days of their lives.  For the most part you have ONE wedding day, and if you have never been married before you have no idea how the day is supposed to unfold, what can go wrong and how to fix it. 

My goal as a wedding photographer is to make sure that your day goes as smooth as possible. And to make sure that happens I have created TWO magazines that you will receive when you book with Krystal Thornton Photography, along with a modifiable timeline and check-list.

What to expect during a session:
During the session I don’t really pose people.  We walk, talk and it is more like friends hanging out and having fun.  I encourage my clients to keep moving and interacting between each other.  BE YOURSELF!  I want to capture you enjoying your loved ones, and loving them with every ounce of your being.   I have perfected my system during sessions to be able to capture what I am looking for in a short time.  I am super laid back and energetic during a session.  And when you book with me, you receive your FREE “Tips and Tricks” magazine to help you prepare for your session!

My Legacy for KTP:
My goal for KTP is to capture photographs that my clients will keep forever.  I know that if they keep these photographs, I will be remembered forever, and I want to remembered as someone that helped, that was fun, kind, honest and delivered the best customer service out there. This is why I encourage complete honestly between my clients and myself.

My Photography Bucket List:
1.  Photograph weddings (elopements) in every state of the U.S.A. (Some examples)
   a.  Yosemite National Park
   b.  Joshua Tree
   c.  NYC
   d.  Hawaii
   e.  Colorado
2.  Photograph destination weddings in other countries.

Photo Coming Soon...​
Additional Raves:
​​Matt + Liz​​

"Krystal made all of my dreams come true with professional photography........."

Xoxo, you're biggest fan, Mrs. Liz Stringham

Joe + Damenick

"So happy we decided on her to capture our big day. She took many photos that I will cherish forever...."


"....she takes the cake. She’s punctual, she cares, and obviously....."


...."Even my friends and family commented on how amazing she was. She was not just a photographer that day but she made my whole wedding day run smoothly. I wouldn't hire anyone else......"